Blood vessel blockages are chronic fungal infections !
You might either jump up from your seat or immediately (too hastily) pass this title off as quackery.  Hold on there.  Haven't you heard of the latest news, even from among the more advanced and current crop of cancer researchers: That inflammation is the cause of fat deposition in the blood vessel walls?

It is saddening that it took the research fraternity so long to find this out and publicise this piece of news. However, even if such revolutionary news is to come from the same source which earlier told the public that good and bad cholesterol and 'wrong' fats were the culprits behind heart disease, the public would not tend to believe this 'revolutionary' news so easily.  Simply because of the fact that the previous news had taken root in the minds of the public.  

Excerpts from the relevant report:

Heart disease is really the end result of a chronic systemic fungal infection. Studies reported by Costantini and his fellow researchers at the World Health Organization indicate that following a high sugar and yeast diet increases the fungal population in the gastrointestinal tract, in turn, increasing fungal mycotoxin blood levels that ultimately elevate cholesterol. High blood cholesterol levels are a red flag indicating the presence of free radicals, oxidant damage and infestation of the body with fungi.   More

Among the knowledgeable and informed in the Western Hemisphere, coconut flour has begun to be favored over other types of flour. Wasn't it said in the last eight decades that coconut is a chockful of 'bad cholesterol'???

The truth is that many unscrupulous myths have been proliferated in the name of free enterprise and capitalistic commercialization. Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, strokes, kidney failure, etc are all the signs of D.E.A.T.H. (Degenerative Early Attack on Total Health). The lesson? Just take up the Beneficent Suspicion and change your life.

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