Mycoalkonics is about the bionics of control of pathogenic fungi (myco) proliferation in the internal human body with an aim to relieve degenerative early attack on total health (D.E.A.T.H.). Welcome to the site which explains the fundamentals about the ONE INFECTION MANY DISEASES. ONE SOLUTION MANY USES.

The Mycoalkonics concept


It is never the intention of this website to promote alternative medicine, complementary medicine, or whatever medical discipline, and we don't even call our Mycoalkonics concept an alternative or complementary approach. We are not even selling anything at all.  We are not here to tell you which discipline is better.

What Mycoalkonics attempts to do:

1) Observe the rich resources in independent research which point to the high possibility of internal pathogenic fungi as the root cause of degenerative or chronic diseases.  Most degenerative diseases do not respond well to the standard approaches of dealing with bacteria or viruses.  Some medical philosophies say degenerative diseases have to do with something external such as poor lifestyle, health-defeating or bad habits, lack of exercise, stress, environmental toxins, etc. However, the strongest propulsion for a re-look at degenerative diseases is coming from these areas: Cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

There has been strong debate on internal pathogenic fungi causing invasive colonization of human tissues (causing neoplastic morbidity) since Dr Tullio Simoncini asserted that Cancer is a Fungus.

It has long been promoted by Doug Kaufmann that the root cause of most degenerative or chronic ailments has something to do with mycotoxins. Mycotoxins come from fungus.

On other fronts, it is discovered that some sort of inflammation of blood vessel walls is what causes adhesion cholesterol deposits on walls of blood vessels. What could be causing this inflammation?  Studies are still on-going though the popular opinion currently is that sugar is causing the inflammation.  It might very well be mycotoxins causing the infllammation.

It is also discovered that oxygen-deprivation is what causes the standard human bio-chemical processes at the cellular level to perform at below par and therefore kickstarting far-reaching adverse repercussions to human health. One of the reasons for poor oxygenation is believed to be, but not limited to, linked to insufficient Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), the inhibiting effects of mycotoxins.

The phenomena of lack of oxygen, inflammation, morbid neoplastic formations, high metabolic rate in cancer cells, as well as other discoveries have a certain uncanny pattern linked to anaerobes.  Anaerobes once gaining foothold on the human body are destructive because their metabolates and by-products are acidic and alcoholic, and sometimes even toxic gases are the by-products.  It is highly possible that these anaerobes are fungi-ike, and to a certain degree bacterial-like. A circumspective study of the available research data and references cannot but point to the fact that a common fungi long connected to its human host -- Candida family -- is highly suspected to be the source of mycotoxins (fungal toxins), and the root cause of degenerative diseases.

2) Develop a beneficent suspicion that internal pathogenic fungi is the cause of degenerative diseases.  Armed with this perspective, we can therefore study what solution can be used against fungi.  The key method to deal with internal pathogenic fungi is alkalization.

3) Observe the level of importance put on alkalization in the diet.  The truth is that there is widespread neglect on the importance of including phyto-greens in the human diet.

4) Disseminate the beneficent suspicion.  Since it is highly likely that we are dealing with fungi, we have to be prepared to deal with degnenerative or chronic diseases in a different manner and most importantly understand why alkalization can never be thrown out of one's life.

5) Develop some basic fundamental requirement in alkalization techniques which can be easily adopted by people, and is affordable, effective, and easily accessible.

Since we are dealing with fungus, the proven safe method is imbibing foodstuff which play the role of alkalization.  You can learn more of this word by surfing the web or browse the content of this website.  

You can continue to eat your normal diet but try to make adjustments to the components in your diet for example less of the following: Red meats, deep-fried foods, commercial dairy products, trans-fats.  There are reputable books on acidic-alkalizine food charts.  

Ensure you have some amount of physical exercise or workouts per week.  Don't rush to take antibiotics whenever you need to solve some ailment.  Over-use of antibiotics is confirmed to be one of the chief causes of proliferation of internal pathogenic fungi in our body from the alimentary canal (gut), bloodstream, to lymphatic system.  There is no known barrier to where internal pathogenic fungi can invade and colonize.

After much investigation and discussion, we have come up with a BASIC REQUIREMENT which represent our fundamental approach to dealing with internal pathogenic fungi in a manner which is affordable to everyone, able to be made at home, accessible to everyone and effective.

  • The garginhonlevin concoction
  • The phyto greens juice
  • The Pu-Erh Tea

Make the above three components part of your life from now on and you can find that less health problems will come your way.  Of course, this is not our guarantee. We do not guarantee anything but we set you on a firm footing so you are able to progress further.  Everyday is a new day and there will be learnings; but unless you start from a firm ground, you will go around in circles and later become cynical about health tips no thanks to the information overload.

We help you regain your confidence and dignity to be able to use your mind to think further. Mycoalkonics is designed to be the BASIC for everyone because all the components are easily available and effective.  

Have a safe day and best wishes.

The Mycoalkonics Team
January 2011

After much investigation and discussion, we have come up with a BASIC REQUIREMENT which represent our fundamental approach to dealing with internal pathogenic fungi in a manner which is affordable to everyone, able to be made at home, accessible to everyone and effective.
Mycoalkonics Team

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