Uses of Indian Pennywort
  1. Multi-Edible-Phyto-Greens Juicing:  Add about one fistful of this herb or if u grow them on your own, use about 2-feet long of the herb -- stalks, stems, leaves, and roots -- in your next multi-greens juicing.

  2. Poultice:  This can be used as poultice for diabetic gangrenes, abscesses, stubborn wounds, etc. It is effective for wounds, whether open or otherwise.

  3. Culinary:  It is eaten fresh with other types of salad greens; cooked in curries; used together with mint (or alone) as condiment in making of Indian bread (capati, naan); pickled as chutneys; and its juice made into refreshing drink, sweetened or otherwise.  For respiratory problems, use the whole plant including the roots to press out the juice, and drink immediately; if you like, the pulp is also nutritious, why waste it.

  4. Cosmetic: Applying the juice of the herb on the face potentially retards aging process.  It also freshens you up.

  5. Medicinal: As this herb has at least a thousand years of history, try this without qualms.  One to two fistfuls of the fresh herb per person should be fine in juicing the chlorophyll.  There are so many ways to down the goodness of this herb.  There are recipes using this herb too.
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