Uses of Longevity Spinach

This medicinal plant has being extensively studied and used in many parts of the world.  Check it out in your neighbourhood -- it might be planted in some home compounds, either in a pot or on the ground.
  1. Multi-Edible-Phyto-Greens Juicing:  Add 6-8 leaves to your multi-greens juicing. You will notice that in this jegim 

  2. Medicinal:  The leaves are traditionally used as food-on-the-table greens: Made into soup, stir-fried, or eaten raw with sauces.

  3. Benefits: Effective in correcting abnormal blood-sugar levels; lowering blood pressure; preventing ulcers, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.  Rich in glycoproteins (useful in all major biochemical processes in the human body) and peroxidases (useful in the destruction of microbes in the presence of a substrate hydrogen peroxide produced by certain Lactobacillus strains). 

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