Uses of Indian Borage

  1. Multi-Edible-Phyto-Greens Juicing:  Add 2-3 pieces of this leaf into your multi-greens juicing experience.

  2. Culinary: It can be an alternative to the use of oregano in some dishes. 

  3. Poultice: It 'relieves' sores, rashes, itchiness, and insect bites on skin. Crush the leaves and apply to the area of the skin which is itchy, inflammed, etc.  Secure with tape if required.  Can even be used as part of ingredients of poultices for gangrenous sores in peripheral vascular diseases (PVD) among diabetics.

  4. Medicinal:  Expectorant (enable the removal of phlegm from the throat through the mouth). Relieves the symptoms of trouble to the respiratory apparatus: Nose, throat, lungs; and since the nose is connected to the eyes and ears, this herb can even be good in preventing infections to the eyes and ears. 

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