About Sabah Snake Grass

How did this plant got such a name is still awaiting an answer; but one thing is sure -- it is definitely one of the herbs traditionally used by South-East Asians or even in traditional Chinese medicine to treat mild venomenous bites from snakes and creepy-crawlies.   In Thailand, it is considered one of the most efficacious herbs against herpes.

Check out this farm which carries a story about the recent 'craze' over this herb. Public 'euphoria' over this 'miracle' herb is another of those incidents which seem to pop up once a while when word spread like wild fire regarding the efficacy of certain phyto-greens in giving another lease of life to terminal cancer cases.  To Mycoalkonics, the "Beneficent Suspicion' that a fungus is at the core of chronic diseases such as cancer is somewhat supported again by this 'euphoria' over Sabah Snake Grass.  Why does another phyto-plant material work?  It could very well be that the cause of chronic diseases are of fungal characterization.

Look at the reported benefits of this herb: Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbes, immune response booster, anti-toxin; and compare them with the effects of fungal infection: inflammation, immune response breakdown, and spreading of toxins in the blood.  

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