About Cat's Whiskers

Many who used to be averse to phyto-greens (even food-on-the-table greens) later became living testimonies of the efficacy of this phyto-green.  Why? It immediately helps alleviate joint pains, urological problems and unusual hot flushes (among both genders). Blame the weather conditions, the stress of modern life?  You are better off using this phyto-green as your entry-level experience into imbibing greens to solve some bodily aches and pains.

The leaves are used as a natural diuretic (helping the formation of urine to be expelled from the body) whether as fresh leaves or as dried matter (e.g. in tea infusions). The exact diuresis pathway is not the concern here, but diuresis using phyto-greens usually establishes the 'default' electrolyte balance in the blood; and provides the necessary ingredients for the removal of substances not suppposed to be in the blood; establishing the right blood pH, and clears the blood of toxins. You can experience the diuretic effect of phyto-greens hours after downing one cup of phyto-greens juice in the morning.

Much research has gone into commercialising this therapeutic leaf as herbal tea infusions.  We believe the fresh leaves are of higher potency rather than using the dried matter.

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