Uses of Longevity Spinach

This medicinal plant has being extensively studied and used in many parts of the world.  Check it out in your neighbourhood -- it might be planted in some home compounds, either in a pot or on the ground.
  1. Multi-Edible-Phyto-Greens Juicing:  As this leaf is quite large, just add one leaf to your multi-greens juicing.  Its bitterish taste might be a challenge to some; if that's the case, you have to find an alternative way to get the goodness of this plant's phyto-compounds into your body if you exclude this green from your juicing.

  2. Tea:  The leaves can be dried by sunning or using a slow-cooker (set to low and without water). Use one dried leaf and simmer with hot water to make herbal tea. For Chinese Pu-erh tea lovers, you can add half-a-leaf or one leaf to your teapot the next time you make Chinese tea.

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