Uses of Veldt Grape

It has been used in Ayurvedic as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for many centuries, and has, over the last 10 years, elicited tremendous interest due to its efficacy in weight-loss and bone repair, the latter being the reason why it is given the name of being a potent bone builder (especially among active athletes).
  1. Multi-Edible-Phyto-Greens Juicing:  Add about 2-3 sections of the stem (with or without leaves) to your multi-greens juicing exercise.

  2. Medicinal value:  Traditionally in Asia and Africa, haemorrhoid is one of the original indications that requires the use of this herb to solve. The fresh herb stem (about 10-15 sections each time) is boiled in water with Chinese jujubes and brown sugar; the soup is drank once in the day and another time before sleep.  Some of the other known efficaciousness of this decoction are:

  3. Poultice:  For external use, you can pound or blend about 5-6 sections of the herb mixed with some other herbs (such as Cat's Whiskers (15-20 leaves), Pandanus (1 frond)) with a little water for a thick consistency.  You can leave out the pulp and use the juice to dab on the problem area, or you can apply the blended pulp directly on problem area and secure with a bandage.  This method can be used for external abscesses, tumors, eczema, ulcers, and other forms of skin disease.  A caution here:  To ensure no allergenic reaction, use a little of the herb, crush it and apply the juice on a small section of the problem area.  If you do not feel any adverse reaction to the juice of the herb, you can proceed.

  4. Extracts: Commercially produced extracts, bioactives, or whole plant powder of this herb can be purchased off-the-shelf as well as via online purchases.

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