About Veldt Grape

You cannot find grapes fruiting from this plant.  It is just a common name (or misnomer) for this plant; however it belongs to the grape family.

This plant should be in the radar screen of those who are suffering from bone loss, bone marrow diseases, blood diseases, blood cell diseases (bone marrow is the factory for blood cells) and even joint pains.

The whole plant can be used -- the squarish cross-section stems, and leaves. The raw herb has a strong astringency but not sour so much so that it 'bites' the throat and tongue due to its high content of ascorbic acid.  It is advisable not to take the herb raw alone but mix it with other herbs as in a multi-green juicing manner. The stem of the plant is sectional like a bamboo; about two sections of the stem of the herb (with or without leaves) per day should be fine.

This herb is proven to be effective in helping those who are recovering from broken bones, and injured ligaments or tendons. Some traditional medicine practitioners say it is also great for relieving blood diseases since it resolves bone marrow diseases;  And yet there are naturopaths who recommend it to solve blood disorders/cancers as well as bone cancers.  It is even found as one of many ingredients in some brands of weight-loss and diet capsules produced by Western pharmaceuticals. The reason for an interest in this herb by pharmaceuticals is the proven influence of this herb on proper blood-sugar metabolism, control of adipose tissue formation, and lipid levels which contribute directly to good cardiovascular health.  It has one important ingredient phyto-sterol, and this more or less explains its efficacy.

To Mycoalkonics, obesity, abnormal binging on energy-giving foods (carbohydrates and fats), water-retention and everything which surround unusual weight gain are all linked to fungal infections.  Fungal microbes have cell walls made of sterol, and phyto-sterol is capable of destroying fungal cell walls thus limiting their population. Once pathogenic fungal population in the body is reduced, obesity can be controlled and even reduced substantially.  It is a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly battle with fungal infections as they are not so easily deterred from multiplying inside our bodies.  

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