Uses of Piper Betel (Wild Betel)

  1. Multi-Edible-Phyto-Greens Juicing:  Add about 3-4 of the Piper Betel leaves in your next multi-green juicing experience.

  2. Culinary: The leaves are slightly aromatic in its own way and thus is an important ingredient in certain recipes such as miang kham (Thai), nasi ulam (Malaysia Nyonya), otak-otak (Malaysia Nyonya).  Can be used as a 'vegetable' in creating flavorful soups: For example throw about 20-30 pieces of the leaves into meat stock soup and simmer.  Serve warm with a dash of pepper.  Its minty flavor sort of replaces peppermint when you fail to get your hands on the latter.

  3. Medicinal: Eaten raw to relieve colds, flu, fever, coughs.  A decoction of this herb with ginger clears the alimentary canal.  A good source of nutritious minerals and anti-microbial factors.  It is also used to clear pathogens from the oral orifice thus removing bad breath, gum disease and throat infections.

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