About Piper Betel (Wild Betel)

Before you confuse yourself between areca betel leaf (daun sirih in Malay) and piper betle (or piper betel, daun kaduk in Malay) read this article first. It explains clearly how to differentiate between the tongue-numbing betel leaf from the tangy sourish piper betle, both being edible but used in different ways. 

As you surf internet resources or any form of literature on this plant, whenever you see the word 'chewing' in description of use of the so-called 'betel leaf' inyou are looking at the areca betel leaf, which is not what this Piper Betel is referring to here. You risk swallowing a jumble of confusion by Westerners on areca betel as piper betel. Even Wikipaedia resource on 'betel' erroneously lumps piper betel with areca betel. The only 'safe' way to avoid messing up your search is to use keywords such as 'Piper Sarmentosum', 'Daun Kaduk' or 'Piper Kaduk'.

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