Kaffir Lime Leaves

The leaves are from the kaffir lime plant, an evergreen shrub which have thorns on its branches and main stem. It is native to Indo-China. The stiff waxy dark 'jade-colored' leaves have the unmistakable 'eight-shaped' pattern. Depending on the species, the two sections of the 'eight-shaped' pattern may be equal or differing in sizes.  The obverse side of the leaves may be darker than the reverse side of the leaves.

Kaffir lime is known by other names such as kieffer lime, keffir lime, makrut, or magrood.

A fragrant, savory, zesty, and tangy herb which adds a zing to cookery, bath soaps, perfumes, essential oils, massage oils, and spa salts, kaffir lime is just one of the few herbal plants in which the leaves has a similar taste with that of the fruit. However, many are not aware that the phyto-green in this herb has strong anti-microbial and anti-fungal effects. Try some today.  One leaf (about 4 inches in length) is all it takes for this herb to 'zing' you with all its goodness.

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